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Questions to Ask a Home Inspector Before, During, and After


Before the home inspection:

a. Are you licensed and insured as a home inspector?
b. How many years of experience do you have as a home inspector?
c. Can you provide references from past clients?


Before and during the home inspection:

a. What areas of the home will you inspect?
b. What is your process for conducting a home inspection?
c. How long does a typical home inspection take?
d. Can I accompany you during the inspection?
e. Can you explain any potential issues or concerns you come across during the inspection?
f. Are there any immediate safety concerns that need attention?


During and after the home inspection:
a. Can you provide a written report of your findings?
b. How long will it take to receive the inspection report?
c. Will the report include photographs or other visual documentation?
d. Are there any issues that require immediate attention or could affect the sale of the home?
e. Can you explain any recommended maintenance or repairs in more detail?
f. Do you offer any follow-up support or clarification after the inspection?
g. Are there any areas of the home that were inaccessible during the inspection?
h. Can you recommend any specialized inspections, such as for pests, radon, or mold?


After the home inspection:
a. Can you explain the severity and potential consequences of any identified problems?
b. Are there any issues that may require ongoing monitoring or attention in the future?
c. Can you provide advice on prioritizing repairs or improvements?
d. Are there any energy efficiency concerns or recommendations?
e. Do you have any suggestions for home maintenance or improvements beyond the inspection findings?

Remember, these questions serve as a starting point, and you can add or modify them based on your specific concerns or requirements.

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