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Foundation Inspections

Foundation Inspections can uncover the flaws in construction, the pressure of the earth
on the building, the uneven settling of surrounding soils, and the house's weight bearing down on it.  Problems that occur can be anywhere from cosmetic to devastating to the home. 

No matter how old or young a home is, cracks, foundation sagging, and other foundation problems are still possible. Every crack and sag in a home is a separate problem that could potentially worsen or be compromising the structural integrity of your home. If the pressure that created these cracks is not addressed, then the strain will continue on an already weakened structure.

Oftentimes, foundation wall cracks are not detected until long after they've formed. It's certainly important to treat all significant foundation wall cracks as a problem that should monitored over time.

To schedule your foundation inspection, call 201-983-8198.

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