ClearView Home Inspections
Emily C -   Fantastic job!  Thank you again John.  We really appreciate you!

Bryan C -   Thanks for all the help you provided us!

Gina A -     Your report was great, and really detailed.  I thought it was clear, and appreciate the                           color coding on the points of inspection.  I would absolutely recommend you to                                 anyone who might need a home inspection in the future.

Scott L -     Great job!  Thanks John.

Lorraine W-H -  John, I enjoyed meeting you this morning.  Thank you for the thorough                                        inspection of my condo, including the basement area and the garage.

Rich V -     Thank you for all your help here John.

Kathleen M -   It was a pleasure meeting you, and working together.  Thank you for the detailed                               inspection report.

Rabbi Schmuel S -   Thank you!   The report is a job well done!

Suzette C -  Thank you for everything.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

Jeff de la C - Thank you John for all your help.  We appreciate the quick report, responses to our                            questions, and updates.

Adnan R -  Really great meeting you today, and thanks for your help and services.

Doris P -    It was a pleasure meeting you today, and I thank you for such a swift turn-around on                         the inspection report.  I have reviewed the report and have no questions - everything                       we went over at the end of the inspection is detailed in the report.  I thank you again!