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Basement Inspections

The area considered as the part of the house below the first floor. The basement can be
a full headroom space or a crawl space with less than full headroom, finished or unfinished.  A home can be built on a slab with no basement, or can have a full footprint basement, an accessible crawl space, or an inaccessible crawl space. Some homes have a combination of all of these.

Inspection of the basement is important because it provides access to the home’s foundation, as well as other important components, such as: heating and cooling systems, hot water heaters, electrical systems, partial plumbing, etc. An unfinished basement or accessible crawl space allows the home inspector an opportunity to inspect the floor structure for moisture condensation, mildew, mold, fungus, rot, and breakage. Wooden structural members can split or break even in the absence of rot. The basement can also provide a clue to the presence of wood boring insect damage.

To schedule your basement inspection, call 201-983-8198.

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